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Watch a video of the moment the ship was refloated

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Notice that the ship's name is Ever Given, not Evergreen like it's written on its side.

What is this about?

On March 23rd, a 220'000 tonne container ship got stuck on the Suez Canal. All shipping traffic is currently interrupted.

Ships that decide to go around will take 9 days longer for US destinations and 14 days longer for European destinations.


How much is this costing?

Besides all the extra time you will have to wait for your new CPU/GPU/Apple Hardware/Japanese stationary to arrive, this will cost shipping companies millions of dollars.

$9.6bn of daily ship traffic is currently interrupted

Real time position

You can check the real time position of the ship on Vesselfinder or Marinetraffic.

Latest updates

2021.03.29 - According to multiple sources the ship is now free. The Suez Canal is still not open, but it should now be easy to fix this situation.

5:30 am
Good morning from Egypt
Now in suez canal 💪🏻🇪🇬♥️
The ship in side canal
We make it 👌🏻#suezcanal #evergreen #shipping #suez_canal #evergiven #Evergreenship #SuezBLOCKED #قناه_السويس #Egypt

— Eslam Attia (@eslamattia88) March 29, 2021

🎥: How the Suez Canal re-floated the Ever Given Vessel.#SuezBLOCKED #EVERGIVEN #Evergreen

— Mohammed Soliman (@ThisIsSoliman) March 29, 2021

🎥: The Ever Given Vessel re-floated and has restarted its engines.#Suez #Evergreen #EVERGIVEN #SuezUnblocked

— Mohammed Soliman (@ThisIsSoliman) March 29, 2021

2021.03.28 - The combined effort of dozen tugboats pushing and pulling were able to move the Ever Given 30 degrees in two directions. Water is now flowing underneath the ship. Suez Canal Authority says that "We expect that at any time the ship could slide and move from the spot it is in"

#EverGiven has moved 2 inches
all tugBoats happy
Hoooorray #suezcanel

— ܡܐܪܝܘ 🇱🇧🇬🇧 (@MarioLeb79) March 27, 2021
Tugboats honking their horns to celebrate the 30 degree movement.


News articles

View from space

Images from Airbus Space, ESA and Capella Space.

You can find more details and photos on Space Explored.

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So many memes

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And of course there is a song!

theres a ship stuck in the Suez Canal so @WordKerfing and i wrote a song for it #evergiven

— janie jaffe (@janie_jaffe) March 25, 2021

And a sea shanty

I wrote a Suez sea shanty and I have no regrets

— Sophia Smith Galer (@sophiasgaler) March 27, 2021

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